As a family photographer, my job is to chase around energetic 4 year olds and disagreeable 2 year olds – but it always seems fun and has a “thrill of the chase” aspect when the kids are not my own.  Trying to photograph my own kids, however, is a whole different story.  I usually end up feeling frustrated and like I never want to take another photograph again.  Tonight was no exception.  I had a couple of goals for this session, though.  First, was to capture some “2-year pics” of my almost 2 year old.  My second goal was to scope out a new, hip, colorful venue in Downtown Dallas.  I LOVE the venue – but might want some other children (ie – not my own) to fully capture the coolness of the surroundings. 

Since my husband always says to me afterward, “Emily, I am SURE you have some great shots” and I respond with and frustrated sigh or roll of the eyes – I thought I should share a few from tonight.  This always happens though – there are a few awesome images that leap into my camera amid the crying and yelling.  Images I swear I never took – but ended up on my memory card none the less!  The following shots are some of said “phantom” images! ;)  

Yes, I have already started shopping for a frame for this one.  Goodness gracious child!

This kid never stopped moving!!  I am sure Daddy said something silly to catch this rare smile.  Thanks, Daddy!

It’s funny how quickly I can forgive my kids for being well, kids when I see precious faces like these.  I love you, boys!!


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  1. Mandy Walk says:

    Love the new outfits – the colors just pop!

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